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  • • LeBron James: My level of play is ‘probably at an all-time high’
    LeBron James believes his level of play at this stage of his career is “probably at an all-time high.”James dominated Wednesday night’s game against the Denver Nuggets, scoring a game-high 39 points on 15-for-25 shooting — to go along with 10 assists and eight rebounds — in the 113-108 win.On top of all that, it was how James took over in the wanin...
  • • Jimmy Butler helped to locker room after hurting right leg
    Jimmy Butler had to be helped to the locker room after suffering what appeared to be a right knee injury during the third quarter of Friday night’s Minnesota Timberwolves-Houston Rockets game.Butler was looking to make a move in the paint but was being defended. As he stepped onto his right leg, he went down in pain and passed the ball.The Timberwo...
  • • Jimmy Butler challenges Lou Williams to 1-on-1 for $100K
    Lou Williams poked the bear, and now he’s going to pay for it.Williams called out Jimmy Butler for not playing in the All-Star Game, and now the Timberwolves star is putting his money where his mouth is. Butler was a reserve, and didn’t play a minute in last Sunday’s game.Butler collected $100,000 for the win, which is pretty sweet, given that he d...
  • Jimmy Butler Says He Would Play Lou Williams For $100K
    Lou Williams called out Jimmy Butler for sitting out the All-Star Game earlier this week, and Butler fired back Friday with a response. According to ESPN’s Cassidy Hubbarth, he’s willing to play Williams 1-on-1 for $100,000 — the same amount Team LeBron earned for winning the game. Hubbarth explains: Jimmy Butler told @CassidyHubbarth ...
  • • Jimmy Butler challenges Lou Williams to 1-on-1 for $100K
    Jimmy Butler heard the complaints about him taking up a roster spot in the All-Star Game despite not wanting to play in the actual game, and he has issued a response.Butler is challenging Lou Williams and anyone else who has an issue with him opting not to play in the game to play him 1-on-1 for $100,000.ESPN’s Cassidy Hubbarth reported about Butle...
  • • Report: Cavs players do not like each other
    The Cleveland Cavaliers are a mess on the court, and now you can add some additional info that paints their situation as strained.Prior to the Cavaliers’ game against the Timberwolves on ESPN Wednesday, ESPN’s Cassidy Hubbarth delivered quite the report. She said Cavs players flat-out do not like each other.“It’s safe to say that Cleveland has reac...
  • • Jeanie Buss leaves no doubt: 'Luke Walton is the Lakers coach, period'
    Doubling down on what she hinted at recently, Los Angeles Lakers controlling owner Jeanie Buss threw her full support behind head coach Luke Walton on Tuesday.Speaking with Cassidy Hubbarth on Buckets, Episode 7, Buss slammed the door on any notion that the Lakers are looking to replace the young coach. What’s really fascinating about this story to...
  • • Paul George sneaks in funny zinger while reacting to ovation from Lakers fans
    The NBA may have acknowledged that Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw did not tamper with Paul George when he was a member of the Pacers, but that didn’t stop PG13 from poking some fun at the situation.George, who was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, squared off against his hometown Lakers at Staples Center on Wednesday night. Lakers fans tr...
  • • Westbrook, Durant get double-technicals for incident
    Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant got into it briefly and were called for technical fouls during the third quarter of Wednesday’s Oklahoma City Thunder-Golden State Warriors game.Westbrook and Durant were jawing at one another and even got face-to-face — literally — with their foreheads touching. They were separated: The incident — which was never...
  • • LeBron James has funny ‘Arthur’ quote about celebrating win over Hornets
    After defeating the Hornets on Wednesday night, the Cavaliers are now on a three-game winning streak for the first time this season.That’s cause for celebration, and LeBron James stated that that’s exactly what the team plans to do, now that the 115-107 win at Spectrum Center is in the books.After the game, ESPN’s Cassidy Hubbarth set James up perf...


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