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  • Joakim Noah: 'We didn’t lose all those games because of Phil Jackson'
    2017.08.19. 19:34:00
    With injuries, a drug suspension, and ineffective play, it’s safe to say that Joakim Noah’s first season with the New York Knicks did not go according to plan. Noah is all too aware of that. Speaking on “The Truth Barrel” podcast, Noah also expressed regret that his poor play helped get Phil Jackson fired.“It’s tough, man, because I got a lot of lo... Joakim Noah
  • Dennis Smith says Phil Jackson had him eat octopus tentacle during pre-draft meeting
    2017.08.12. 4:08:00
    The New York Knicks took some heat for passing on explosive guard Dennis Smith Jr. in this year’s draft, but Smith himself is probably glad that they did.In an interview with Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News that was published on Friday, Smith revealed that the Knicks and president Phil Jackson encouraged him to try a bizarre food during a p... Dennis Smith
  • Knicks do the obvious, expected: Pick up 2018-19 option on Kristaps Porzingis
    2017.08.12. 4:00:00
    This move seems like a no-brainer, but remember just a few months back Phil Jackson was running the show....
  • Report: Phil Jackson Wanted to Trade Kristaps Porzingis for Lonzo Ball
    2017.08.11. 21:29:00
    He was angling to trade KP to Boston for the No. 1 pick. The post Report: Phil Jackson Wanted to Trade Kristaps Porzingis for Lonzo Ball appeared first on SLAMonline....
  • Phil Jackson Is Reflecting on ‘WTF Just Went Down’ with Knicks
    2017.08.11. 19:37:00
    Jackson doesn't understand how things went south for him in New York. The post Phil Jackson Is Reflecting on ‘WTF Just Went Down’ with Knicks appeared first on SLAMonline....
  • Former Knicks staffer discusses Jackson's weird tactics
    2017.08.06. 22:19:00
    It may not come as much of a surprise that Phil Jackson’s job interview questions are a bit unconventional.Former New York Knicks player development coach Chris Brickley shared as much in a profile by Scott Davis of Business Insider, relaying what happened when the newly-hired Jackson called him into his office to speak to him.“I’m thinking I’m gon...
  • Carmelo Anthony admits he lost his ‘joy’ for game of basketball
    2017.08.04. 15:27:00
    Carmelo Anthony wants to play for a contending team next season, and a lot of that has to do with him wanting to enjoy the game of basketball again.With the New York Knicks coming off a 31-win season in which they missed the playoffs for the fourth straight year, Anthony told ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt on Thursday that he lost some of his “joy” for play... Carmelo Anthony
  • Kristaps Porzingis: I hope to stay in New York my whole career
    2017.08.02. 23:47:00
    There were rumblings about the New York Knicks trading young big man Kristaps Porzingis earlier in the summer. Those rumors have since subsided now that Phil Jackson is no longer with the organization and making his willingness to trade the forward public.In fact, the Knicks are unwilling to make the former lottery pick available in a trade for Cle... Kristaps Porzingis
  • Kristaps Porzingis says he wants to spend entire career with Knicks
    2017.08.02. 22:58:00
    Now that Phil Jackson is out in New York, Kristaps Porzingis sounds a lot more optimistic about staying with the Knicks.Porzingis told Shaun Powell of that New York is “home” to him now, and he’d like to be a Knick for life.“So far it’s been tough in New York, but my journey is only beginning and I hope to stay there my whole career, so as ... Kristaps Porzingis
  • Carmelo Anthony: “Knows better than anyone that LeBron is leaving next July”
    2017.07.24. 4:59:00
    Will Phil Jackson end up having the last laugh in his feud with Carmelo Anthony?Well, if a report via Frank Isola is true, then it would appear that the New York Knicks would lose out on landing dazzling superstar Kyrie Irving because of Melo’s reluctance to waive his no-trade clause. Thus, Knicks fans would miss out on landing one of the game’s mo... Carmelo Anthony
  • Report: Knicks to hire Gerald Madkins
    2017.07.24. 0:59:00
    As the memory of Phil Jackson steadily fades, the Knicks will soon make another front office hire. Here’s the NY Post reporting: According to multiple league sources, Gerald Madkins will be named the Knicks new assistant general manager, leaving the Clippers, where he was director of basketball operations since September 2012. Madkins,...
  • Knicks GM Scott Perry has yet to meet with owner James Dolan
    2017.07.22. 20:24:00
    It’s possible that New York Knicks owner James Dolan is too busy performing with his band. Otherwise, this story seems to be something out of a stand-up routine. According to new Knicks general manager Scott Perry, he has yet to meet with Dolan.“I have not met with him (Dolan) yet, but I’m looking forward to that,” Perry said, via ESPN.How a team o...
  • Report: Carmelo not interested in returning to Knicks
    2017.07.18. 22:19:00
    Even with nemesis Phil Jackson no longer leading the New York Knicks, it appears that future Hall of Fame forward Carmelo Anthony has no interest in returning to the Big Apple. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Anthony himself wants out of dodge. “Carmelo Anthony has made it clear to (the Knicks): I want to go to Houston, I am not interested ...
  • Knicks not interested in exploring Carmelo buyout
    2017.07.17. 21:21:00
    The New York Knicks are still trying to find a way to trade Carmelo Anthony, but they are being careful about not sounding too desperate to deal the 33-year-old superstar.While speaking to the media on Monday, Knicks president Steve Mills said the team has no interest in exploring a potential buyout with Anthony. Perhaps the Knicks would rather kee... Steve Mills
  • Report: Carmelo 'counting on' Knicks resuming talks with Rockets
    2017.07.16. 15:18:00
    The New York Knicks have reportedly hit a snag in their trade discussions involving Carmelo Anthony, but the 33-year-old superstar is hoping the talks resume in the near future. And he apparently has his heart set on one team in particular.Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports that Anthony is expecting the Knicks to continue trying to work out a trade...


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