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  • • Report: Roger Goodell pushed ‘very hard’ for Washington name change
    According to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell pushed Washington owner Dan Snyder “very hard” to change the name....2020
  • • Roger Goodell had key role in getting Daniel Snyder to agree to change team name
    Pressure from sponsors like FedEx and Nike got the ball rolling. Within the confines of the NFL, however, one man played a key role in convincing Washington owner Daniel Snyder to finally change his team’s name. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Commissioner Roger Goodell pushed Snyder “very hard” to make the change. [more]...2020
  • • Native American groups ask NFL to stop using all names, images, and logos
    Pressure from sponsors sparked the Washington NFL franchise to move toward changing its name. Pressure from Native American leaders and groups is now being applied directly to the NFL. Via the Associated Press, more than a dozen Natives American leaders and organizations have sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell asking that the league [more]...2020
  • • Native Americans ask NFL to step in on Redskins
    Several Native American leaders and organizations sent a letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday calling for the league to force Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder to change the team name immediately....2020
  • • Washington Redskins will conduct 'thorough review' of team name amid financial pressure
    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed the league has discussed the team's name with Dan Snyder....2020
  • • Roger Goodell: NFL “supportive” of Washington considering name change
    With financial pressures mounting, Washington owner Dan Snyder has relented to consider abandoning his use of a slur as a team name. And the NFL sounds on board with the plan. “In the last few weeks we have had ongoing discussions with Dan and we are supportive of this important step,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said [more]...2020
  • • SB Nation Reacts: People like Bettman now? WTF?
    Photo by Jamie Sabau/NHLI via Getty Images Fans appreciate his handling of the NHL’s Return to Play Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across the NHL. Each week, we send out questions to the most plugged in Blue Jackets fans, and fans across the country. Sign up here to join Reacts. As if 2020 wasn’t weird enough, the one-impossible has now happened – hockey fans like Gary Bettman. I...2020
  • • Why Roger Goodell should kneel with players
    The commissioner might anger his bosses, Yardbarker's Chris Mueller writes, but there is almost no chance he could actually make a significant dent in the sport’s popularity by clearly aligning himself with the players....2020
  • • LeBron James says NFL needs to officially apologize to Colin Kaepernick
    Roger Goodell has apologized for the league’s inability to initially absorb the message from its players from player protests during the national anthem since 2016. Goodell has said he would encourage teams within the NFL to sign Colin Kaepernick after a four-year absence as he was cast aside by the league’s teams following his decision [more]...2020
  • • NFL, players teaming up to launch voter education, registration initiative
    NFL players voiced to Roger Goodell that ramping up voter registration and education efforts was one of their top priorities.        ...2020

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Roger Goodell injury and suspension

  • • Mike McCarthy: Aldon Smith “bigger and stronger” than he was with 49ers
    Robert Quinn, playing opposite DeMarcus Lawrence, led the Cowboys in sacks last season with 11.5. Quinn signed with the Bears in free agency, leaving a hole. The Cowboys have filled it by signing Aldon Smith while hoping NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reinstates Randy Gregory. Goodell recently gave Smith the approval to return from his suspension. [more]...2020
  • • Myles Garrett returns to Pittsburgh on Oct. 18
    Myles Garrett hasn’t played since Nov. 14, 2019. That’s the day that will live in infamy for the Browns defensive end. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell indefinitely suspended Garrett after Garrett ripped off Mason Rudolph‘s helmet and bashed the quarterback over the head with it. The suspension ended up being six games as Goodell reinstated Garrett [more]...2020
  • • Cowboys expect Randy Gregory to be reinstated by NFL?
    Randy Gregory has not played in the NFL since 2018 due to an indefinite suspension, but the Dallas Cowboys reportedly expect that to change soon. The Dallas Morning News’ David Moore reported on Sunday that Gregory will soon apply for reinstatement with Commissioner Roger Goodell. Moore further says Dallas expects Gregory to be reinstated at some point. Gregory, 27, was a second-round pick by the ...2020
  • • Report: Randy Gregory readying to file for reinstatement, return to Cowboys
    Randy Gregory hasn’t filed for reinstatement yet, but the defensive end is close to asking NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to lift his latest suspension. David Moore of the Dallas Morning News reports that Gregory soon will petition for reinstatement, and the Cowboys’ expectation is Gregory will play in 2020. But Gregory, who missed the entire [more]...2020
  • • Source: WR Gordon intends to play this season
    Indefinitely suspended wide receiver Josh Gordon intends to play in 2020, a source told ESPN's Jeremy Fowler. Commissioner Roger Goodell will oversee Gordon's reinstatement attempt....2020
  • • Troubled WR Josh Gordon wants to play in 2020 despite latest suspension
    Wide receiver Josh Gordon is on an indefinite suspension from the NFL, but he would like to play next season, according to a report. Gordon, 28, was suspended in December for violating the league’s drug and performance-enhancing substances policies. The suspension marked his fifth time being suspended for violating the league’s policies. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports that Gordon intends to play nex...2020
  • • Former All-Pro WR Josh Gordon wants to play in 2020
    Josh Gordon is hoping to break out of NFL limbo. Currently under an indefinite suspension, the wide receiver wants to play in 2020, according to a source who spoke with’s Jeremy Fowler. Gordon spent last year with the Patriots and Seahawks. In December, he was slapped with an indefinite suspension for his latest violation of the league’s policy on substances of abuse. The league also flag...2020
  • • Report: Aldon Smith seeking reinstatement to NFL
    Aldon Smith hasn’t played in an NFL game since 2015, but he’s once again trying to make a comeback. According to Jim Trotter of NFL Media, Smith has applied for reinstatement to the NFL, roughly three-and-a-half years after his previous bid was denied. Smith has a long way to go here. He’s been officially suspended since 2015, and has repeatedly been in legal trouble. That has often stemmed from d...2020
  • • Report: 'Zero communication' from NFL headquarters on coronavirus plans
    As the entire sports world pretty much closes up shop during the troubling pandemic that is coronavirus (COVID-19), the NFL is preparing for business as usual. The free-agency tampering period starts on Monday, with the start of the new league year officially set to take place on March 18. We have yet to hear much from the NFL’s brass, commissioner Roger Goodell included. That has apparently exten...2020
  • • Browns DE Myles Garrett reinstated by NFL
    The NFL reinstated Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett on Wednesday following his indefinite suspension for striking quarterback Mason Rudolph in the head with a helmet during a game. Garrett met with commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday, but no timetable for a decision was given. The decision was expected and Goodell spoke about Garrett’s case with reporters this past week. The NFL allow...2020



Roger Goodell trade, contract, salary rumors

  • • Rooney Rule likely will use draft picks as compensation, not as a reward
    The decision to table proposed Rooney Rule enhancements that would give teams draft-pick enhancement for hiring minority coaches or General Managers creates the impression that, if the proposal wasn’t tabled, it would have failed to secure the requisite 24 votes to secure passage. That’s not the case, Commissioner Roger Goodell said on a media conference [more]...2020
  • • Anthony Lynn has serious doubts about NFL’s Rooney Rule proposal
    The league’s new proposal ties minority hires to improved draft position in the third and fourth round. It’s backed by commissioner Roger Goodell and needs the approval of 24 of the league’s 32 owners for final passage....2020
  • • NFL proposing plan to incentivize minority hiring with draft position
    Commissioner Roger Goodell admitted during Super Bowl week that more needed to be done to create opportunities for minority coach and General Manager candidates. Now, he’s going to do something about it, perhaps including draft incentives for teams. According to Jim Trotter of NFL Network, the league will present a pair of resolutions at Tuesday’s [more]...2020
  • • NFL’s recent memo regarding pay cuts has unclear impact on employees with contracts
    At a time of the year when football revenues aren’t down because they’re aren’t any, the NFL is tightening the belt by implementing pay cuts and furloughs. The memo sent by Commissioner Roger Goodell to all employees on Wednesday, however, doesn’t address an important question as it relates to one specific group of employees: Those [more]...2020
  • • NFL to cut pay for league employees, furlough others; Roger Goodell volunteers to take zero dollars in salary
    Not even the NFL is immune to the economic consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic...2020
  • • Memo: Goodell not taking salary during pandemic
    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has volunteered to forgo his salary during the coronavirus pandemic....2020
  • • NFL belt tightening: Pay cuts, furloughs and $0 for Goodell
    Commissioner Roger Goodell has reduced his salary to $0 and other NFL employees will be taking pay cuts or furloughs due to the coronavirus pandemic....2020
  • • NFL commissioner Roger Goodell voluntarily reduces salary to $0 amid coronavirus pandemic
    On Wednesday, the NFL released a memo to teams about league executives accepting pay cuts and about Goodell eliminating his salary....2020
  • • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell volunteers to go without salary amid coronavirus pandemic; league enforces pay cuts, furloughs
    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell offered to forfeit his salary amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, and the league will enact pay cuts and furloughs.        ...2020
  • • Full text of memo regarding NFL salary reductions, furloughs
    [Editor’s note: Commissioner Roger Goodell sent to all NFL employees on Wednesday an email regarding paycuts, furloughs, and other efforts to cut costs due to the coronavirus pandemic. The full text appears below.] Over the past six weeks, we have made a number of decisions to address the unprecedented public health and economic effects imposed [more]...2020

Roger Goodell stats

  • • NFL commissioner Roger Goodell addresses Colin Kaepernick workout
    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell held a press conference on Wednesday to discuss a number of different issues. One of the topics broached by reporters was Colin Kaepernick’s workout in Atlanta last month. It has obviously been a point of contention in the weeks since Kaepernick cancelled the NFL-mandated workout and set up shop at a nearby high school. In talking about it Wednesday, Goodell noted th...2019

Roger Goodell kids, wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, father/mother

  • • Goodell: NFL is pleased the Ford family will continue to own the Lions
    The Lions have made a change in ownership, but it remains in the family, which the league office fully supports. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell released a statement saying he supports the decision of Martha Firestone Ford to step down as the principal owner of the Lions and hand the team off to her daughter Sheila [more]...2020
  • • Goodell: NFL is greatly saddened by the tragic events across our country
    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell released a statement on Saturday responding to the protests across the country in response to the killing of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer. “The NFL family is greatly saddened by the tragic events across our country. The protesters’ reactions to these incidents reflect the pain, anger and [more]...2020
  • • Andy Reid working on Chiefs' Super Bowl defense in basement
    There are no days off for Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid amid the coronavirus outbreak. The Super Bowl winner is busting out all the stops while working from home... including working diligently on the Chiefs' defense. Reid spoke to reporters via conference call on Thursday, and it sounds like he doesn't mind working from home until the COVID-19 pandemic settles down.  "I wish I could tak...2020
  • • Roger Goodell weighs in on Antonio Brown investigation
    As the NFL continues its investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against Antonio Brown, commissioner Roger Goodell weighed in on the troubled receiver Wednesday. During a press conference, Goodell turned the focus of the investigation of Brown into the league prioritizing his well-being and making sure to get him help. Brown turned himself in to police after an arrest warrant was issued a...2020
  • • Tom Brady confirms his father has been unofficially banned from talking to media
    Tom Brady Sr. has created some uncomfortable moments for his son over the years with remarks he makes to the media, and the New England Patriots quarterback has asked his dad to tone that down a bit. Unfortunately, the old man hasn’t always listened. Brady Sr. has spoken about Tom Jr. the way you might expect any father to talk about his son, but there have been times where the opinions expressed ...2019
  • NFL Draft 2019: Christian Wilkins gets wet willy, jumps on Roger Goodell
    • NFL Draft 2019: Christian Wilkins gets wet willy, jumps on Roger Goodell
    The former Clemson DT stole the show after he was selected 13th overall by Miami surround by family, friends and former coach Dabo Swinney....2019
  • • Tyreek Hill releases statement addressing child abuse case
    On Wednesday, the Johnson County (Kansas) District Attorney announced that no charges would be filed against Tyreek Hill or his child’s mother, Crystal Espinal, arising out of reported child abuse. However, the District Attorney did say that he believed a crime was committed and prosecutors could not establish beyond a reasonable doubt which individual was responsible. That still leaves Hill’s sta...2019
  • • NFL owners eyeing NBA commissioner Adam Silver to replace Roger Goodell
    Could Adam Silver go from the pages of Hoops Rumors to Pro Football Rumors? NFL owners have asked Silver if he would be willing to switch leagues and replace Roger Goodell as commissioner, according to Ramona Shelburne of For what it’s worth, Silver claims he has given no thought to the possibility. “I’ll just say I have not given it any thought,” Silver said. “I feel very fortunate to b...2019
  • • NFL owners eyeing NBA commisioner Adam Silver to replace Roger Goodell
    Could Adam Silver go from the pages of Hoops Rumors to Pro Football Rumors? NFL owners have asked Silver if he would be willing to switch leagues and replace Roger Goodell as commissioner, according to Ramona Shelburne of For what it’s worth, Silver claims he has given no thought to the possibility. “I’ll just say I have not given it any thought,” Silver said. “I feel very fortunate to b...2019
  • • Chargers owner Alex Spanos passes away
    The Los Angeles Chargers announced the death of their owner, Alex Spanos, earlier today. He was 95 years old. “Alex Spanos is an American success story, driven by a tireless work ethic inspired by humble beginnings as the son of Greek immigrants,” said commissioner Roger Goodell. “Alex became one of the country’s most successful businessmen, but he never forgot his roots and the call to help other...2018

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  • • NFL players to kneel for anthem as a group, and some believe Roger Goodell could take part
    The NFL is out of the business of discouraging any player from taking a knee...2020
  • • Roger Goodell encourages NFL teams to sign Colin Kaepernick: 'I welcome that'
    Colin Kaepernick has not played in the NFL since 2016...2020
  • • NFL commissioner Roger Goodell: 'We've moved on' from Colin Kaepernick after botched workout
    It's no surprise, but the league has moved on from Kaepernick...2019
  • • Memo: Goodell not taking salary during pandemic
  • • Roger Goodell announces the 2020 NFL Draft will go on as scheduled in April
    The 2020 NFL Draft is set to begin on April 23...2020
  • • Goodell: NFL 'wrong' not to listen to its players
    Roger Goodell admitted Friday that the league was wrong not to listen to its players earlier....2020
  • • Pop slams Goodell for previously caving to Trump
    Spurs coach Gregg Popovich calls out NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for kowtowing in the past to criticism from President Donald Trump....2020
  • • 2020 NFL Draft: Bud Light gives fans a chance to boo Roger Goodell for COVID-19 relief efforts
    Bud Light is asking fans to record their boos and raise money for COVID-19 relief efforts...2020
  • • Coronavirus: Roger Goodell tells teams NFL will hold fully virtual draft, facilities to be closed indefinitely
    Team facilities will continue to be closed, putting minicamp in doubt...2020
  • • Roger Goodell to announce first-round picks from his basement
    It’s been thought for some time that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would announce the names of this year’s first-round picks from his home and we now know where in his home he’ll be when he makes those announcements. While giving a preview of what will be in Monday morning’s edition of Football Morning in America, [more]...2020

Roger Goodell schedule, game

  • • SB Nation Reacts: People like Bettman now? WTF?
  • • NFL commissioner Roger Goodell instructs clubs to hold training camps at team facilities, bans joint practices
    NFL memo instructs team to hold training camps at their own facilities and that there will be no joint practices.        ...2020
  • • NFL teams will not have joint practices this year
    The NFL will not permit teams to have joint practices this summer. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell informed all 32 teams today that joint practices will be banned this year, Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reports. Although the league is still hoping to move forward with training camps opening next month, and the preseason and regular [more]...2020
  • • Joint practices not permitted at 2020 training camps, per memo from Commissioner Roger Goodell
    The Broncos previously had taken part in joint-practice sessions with another team before each of the past six seasons....2020
  • • NFL to teams: Hold training camps at home
    All 32 NFL teams have been told by Commissioner Roger Goodell to hold training camps at their home facilities because of the COVID-19 pandemic....2020
  • • NFL tells teams they must hold training camps at home
    All 32 NFL teams have been told by Commissioner Roger Goodell to hold training camps at their home facilities this summer because of the COVID-19 pandemic...2020
  • • NFL extends virtual offseason two weeks
    The NFL is extending the virtual offseason by two weeks, commissioner Roger Goodell announced on a conference call Thursday. Teams were allowed to begin their virtual offseason programs April 20. With all offseason workout programs scheduled to end by June 26, it is looking less and less likely that teams will get any on-field work [more]...2020
  • • Josh Gordon intends to apply for NFL reinstatement soon, aiming for training camp return, per report
    The talented but oft-troubled wideout will reach out to Roger Goodell soon...2020
  • • Cardinals will open training facility Tuesday with limited staff
    The Cardinals will reopen their training facility with a “very limited number” of staff on Tuesday, Darren Urban of the team website reports. Most Cardinals’ employees, including the coaching staff, will continue to work remotely. As part of the NFL’s “Phase 1” reopening, most teams will meet the guidelines announced by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell [more]...2020
  • • Commissioner Roger Goodell releases memo outlining guidelines to safely reopen NFL team facilities
    UCHealth Training Center and the remaining 31 training facilities across the league have been closed since late March....2020

Roger Goodell rumors, scandals

  • • MLB Commissioner under siege over handling of Astros scandal
    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has become, at times, the highest-paid pin cushion in sports, providing face and voice to unpopular decisions made by the billionaires behind the curtain. Sometimes, most notably in connection with the Ray Rice scandal in 2014, the criticism morphs into a full-blown siege. Currently, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred currently can relate. [more]...2020
  • • NFL commissioner Roger Goodell addresses Colin Kaepernick workout
  • • Tyreek Hill releases statement addressing child abuse case
  • • Bart Scott: NFL should strip Patriots of ‘whole draft’ over Robert Kraft scandal
    New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has found himself at the center of a disturbing sex trafficking scandal, and the always outspoken Bart Scott is calling for the NFL to drop the hammer on the team as a result. Scott, an ex-linebacker who now hosts a show on WFAN, said Friday that he feels NFL commissioner Roger Goodell should do something that “cripples” the Patriots. He proposed stripping t...2019
  • • Browns: Condoleezza Rice is not a candidate for head coach
    Reports surfaced earlier on Sunday that the Cleveland Browns want to interview former United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for their head coaching vacancy. It’s somewhat of a shocking revelation given that Rice has absolutely zero coaching experience at any level and is known around the football world solely for her presence on the College Football Playoff Selection Committee. In resp...2018
  • • Sean Payton claims NFL tried to get him fired after 'Bountygate'
    Now more than a half-decade removed from the entire Bountygate scandal that plagued the New Orleans Saints, head coach Sean Payton is opening up about it.Payton himself was suspended for the entire 2012 NFL season after the league found him to be responsible for leading an organization that was putting a bounty on the heads of opposing players.In an interview on “In Depth with Graham Bensinger,” P...2018

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