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  • View from Above: Playing the Fame game
    2017.04.18. 10:00:00
    What is a Hall-of-Famer to you? Someone who excels?  Someone whose ability and performance stands out (or stood out) above others? Is there a time frame involved?   Yes, yes and probably yes.  But there is no real hard-and-fast definition to the term.  Deciding who belongs in a Hall-of-Fame is as subjective a task as deciding what you'd like to hav... Robert Kraft
  • Samsonite Make Your Case: Who's up for Hall?
    2017.04.14. 16:07:00
    Earlier this week the Patriots Hall of Fame Nomination Committee gathered to discuss this year's potential candidates. The debates were lively and as usual there were more than a few differences of opinion. Anytime you gather a group of people to debate the merits of various candidates there's bound to be some disagreements. ...
  • Ask PFW: Garoppolo, Blount and Beast Mode?
    2017.04.11. 22:01:00
    Regardless who is the horse RB next season I would like to see Patriots draft and develop one, but if they were to bring a vet, out of Blount, Peterson and Lynch group, I would choose the "beast" in a heartbeat. From a pure football standpoint - who would be your choice? Stan C. This is a good question for us all to consider (like we have any impac... Beast Mode
  • Romo considered these teams before signing with Cowboys
    2017.04.10. 19:39:00
    What if Tony Romo never signed with the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted free agent in 2003?Romo spent his entire 13-year career with the Cowboys, earning four Pro Bowl nods, before news broke last week that he’ll be hanging up his cleats to join CBS’ broadcast team for the upcoming NFL season. There was a point after the 2003 NFL Draft when Romo nee... Tony Romo
  • Ask PFW: Feelings about free agency
    2017.03.07. 16:53:00
    A year ago, before the trades of Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins, I looked at this offseason and tried to figure out where the Pats would most place their value given the number of free agents that they were faced with, as that is what drives a lot of [Bill Belichick]’s decisions. He sets a price and moves on if it deviates far from that set price... Super Bowl
  • Bill Parcells supports Terrell Owens for the Hall of Fame
    2017.02.15. 1:16:00
    Does Terrell Owens deserve a place in the Hall of Fame? It’s been an oft debated topic and the discussion now includes Bill Parcells.Parcells, who coached Owens with the Dallas Cowboys and is himself in the Hall of Fame, was asked if he’d vote for Owens.“I think I would. I think I would,” Parcells said, appearing on ESPN Radio (H/T Pro Football Tal...
  • Jerry Jones throws support behind Terrell Owens in Hall of Fame bid
    2017.02.08. 0:31:00
    He put up the second-most receiving yards and third-most receiving touchdowns in NFL history. He’s considered one of the most-talented pass catchers in the history of the league. He’s also now been passed up for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in consecutive years.Of course, we’re talking about six-time Pro Bowl performer Terrell Owens. The enigmatic... Jerry Jones
  • ATL Notes: Falcons Cox sees Patriots from both sides
    2017.02.01. 22:36:00
    ... Atlanta Falcons
  • Bill Belichick Conference Call Transcript 1/23
    2017.01.23. 14:00:00
  • Bill Parcells, Joe Gibbs helped Falcons' Dan Quinn shape vision
    2017.01.13. 18:00:24
    Bill Parcells, Joe Gibbs helped Falcons' Dan Quinn shape vision...
  • Anthony Lynn to Be Named Chargers HC: Latest Contract Details, Reaction
    2017.01.13. 13:23:00
  • Chris Simms' NFL Regular-Season All-22 Team
    2017.01.04. 16:40:00
  • Tony Dungy still not returning to coaching
    2016.12.26. 13:51:00
    It took Bill Parcells a while to get to the Hall of Fame in part because the voters were never convinced that he was truly retired. With Tony Dungy, the possibility of the Hall of Famer taking his gold jacket back to the sideline never factored in to the thinking, and for good reason. Dungy…... Tony Dungy
  • NFL Head Coach Power Rankings Heading into Week 14
    2016.12.06. 13:00:00
  • Saints desperate to address their own volatility
    2016.12.06. 0:25:00
    METAIRIE, La. (AP) Saints coach Sean Payton has been known to echo a catch phrase from his mentor, Bill Parcells, who'd mock media coverage of NFL teams by saying it's either a ''crisis or carnival'' from week to week, depending on the most recent result....


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