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  • • What will the Chicago Blackhawks do about Robin Lehner?
    After inking a one-year deal in the off-season, Robin Lehner is free to sign an extension at any moment with the Blackhawks. There's been no contract talk yet, and now Chicago has a decision to make with the deadline looming. The post What will the Chicago Blackhawks do about Robin Lehner? appeared first on TheHockeyNews....2020
  • • 2020 NHL Mock Draft 1.0 (Picks 16-31)
    The Avs take another center in the first round with pick No. 24 Here is the second part of my first crack at this year’s 2020 draft. The next mock draft will be posted after the trade deadline on February 24. Please note that this mock draft doesn’t follow how I have players ranked. Good luck to your favorite team and players! Here are picks...2020
  • • 2020 NHL Mock Draft 1.0 - Post World Juniors
    Part 1: Picks 1 to 15 NHL 2020 Mock Draft 1.0, Picks 1 to 15 ~ Post WJC (Standing as of January 9, 2020) The draft is a funny beast. It’s a sensitive, subjective and often unforgiving. Years of prep work goes into a 24 hour span where teams hope the players taken will be part of the future. For us outsiders, making lists and rankings is easy....2020
  • • NHL Goalie Goals: Billy Smith started it all in Colorado
    Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images With Pekka Rinne scoring last night, it’s worth remembering that the first NHL goalie-goal was scored in Colorado Last night, NHL fans were treated with one of the most exciting plays in hockey - the goalie goal. With his team leading 4-2 and only 25 seconds remaining in th...2020
  • • 2021 Winter Classic: The Minnesota Wild should be matched up with fellow expansion team Columbus Blue Jackets
    Yesterday at the 2020 Winter Classic, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman announced that the 2021 Winter Classic would be held at Target Field and hosted by the Minnesota Wild. The Winter Classic is headed to the State of Hockey. The Minnesota Wild will host the 2021 NHL Winter Classic at Target Field on Jan. 1, 2021, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman...2020

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  • NHL Highlights | Blackhawks @ Maple Leafs 1/18/20NHL Highlights | Blackhawks @ Maple Leafs 1/18/20
  • NHL Highlights | Blackhawks @ Senators 1/14/20NHL Highlights | Blackhawks @ Senators 1/14/20
  • NHL Highlights | Maple Leafs @ Blackhawks 11/10/19NHL Highlights | Maple Leafs @ Blackhawks 11/10/19
  • NHL Highlights | Blackhawks @ Flames 12/31/19NHL Highlights | Blackhawks @ Flames 12/31/19
  • NHL Highlights | Blackhawks @ Canadiens 1/15/20NHL Highlights | Blackhawks @ Canadiens 1/15/20
  • NHL Highlights | Kings @ Blackhawks 10/27/19NHL Highlights | Kings @ Blackhawks 10/27/19
  • NHL Highlights | Blackhawks @ Golden Knights 11/13/19NHL Highlights | Blackhawks @ Golden Knights 11/13/19
  • NHL Highlights | Blackhawks vs. Flames - Dec. 31, 2019NHL Highlights | Blackhawks vs. Flames - Dec. 31, 2019
  • NHL Highlights | Devils @ Blackhawks 12/23/19NHL Highlights | Devils @ Blackhawks 12/23/19
  • NHL Highlights | Wild @ Blackhawks 12/15/19NHL Highlights | Wild @ Blackhawks 12/15/19

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